Battery Apple MacBook Air 13" A1466 MacBook Air 13" A1369 (EMC 2392)

Battery Apple MacBook Air 13

Battery Apple MacBook Air 13" A1245 A1237 A1304 Z0FS MC233 MC234 MB003


Baterija AppleApple MacBook Pro 15" A1286 2011 2012 A1382, i7 Unibody Serije - Patona

Battery Apple MacBook Air 13" A1466 MacBook Air 13" A1369 (EMC 2392)

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Battery Apple MacBook Air 13" A1466 MacBook Air 13" A1369 (EMC 2392) - Patona

Why should I buy Patona laptop battery?

All Paton batteries for laptops are designed and developed in Germany, in accordance with the highest standards of quality. The company Patona ensures good quality for great price.ty at great price.

Does Patona battery works any differently than the original battery?

All Patona battery works exactly the same as the original batteries. It can be charged with original charger.

Technical information:

Voltage: 7,3Volt
Capacity: 5200mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:

MacBook Air 13" A1369 (EMC 2392), A1369 (EMC 2469), A1369 (EMC 2469), A1377, A1405, A1405, A1466 (EMC 2559), A1466 (EMC 2632), A1466 (EMC 2632), A1496, A1496, A1496, MacBook Air 13'' Early 2014, MacBook Air 13'' Late 2010, MacBook Air 13'' Mid-2011, MacBook Air 13'' Mid-2011/Edu Only**, MacBook Air 13'' Mid-2012, MacBook Air 13'' Mid-2013, MacBookAir3,2, MacBookAir4,2, MacBookAir5,2, MacBookAir6,2, MC503*/A, MC503B/A, MC503CH/A, MC503E/A, MC503J/A, MC503LL/A, MC503LL/A*, MC503LL/A*, MC503LL/B, MC503TA/A, MC503ZP/A, MC965*/A, MC965B/A, MC965CH/A, MC965E/A, MC965J/A, MC965LL/A, MC965LL/A*, MC965LL/A*, MC965LL/B, MC965TA/A, MC965ZP/A, MD231*/A, MD231B/A, MD231CH/A, MD231E/A, MD231J/A, MD231LL/A, MD231LL/A*, MD231LL/A*, MD231LL/B, MD231TA/A, MD231ZP/A, MD508*/A, MD508B/A, MD508CH/A, MD508E/A, MD508J/A, MD508LL/A, MD508LL/A*, MD508LL/A*, MD508LL/B, MD508TA/A, MD508ZP/A, MD760*/A, MD760B/A, MD760CH/A, MD760E/A, MD760J/A, MD760LL/A, MD760LL/A*, MD760LL/A*, MD760LL/B, MD760LL/B*, MD760LL/B*, MD760TA/A, MD760ZP/A

Compatible part numbers:
Apple A1377, A1405, A1496

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