Battery Canon NB-8L - Patona

Baterija Canon BP-820 - Patona

Baterija Canon BP-820 - Patona

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Battery Canon NB-3L - Patona

Battery Canon NB-8L - Patona

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Battery Canon NB-8L - Patona

Patona is a German company that specializes in high-quality batteries.

Why buy Patona batteries?

All Patona batteries are designed and developed in Germany in accordance with the highest quality standards. Patona ensures great quality and excellent price.

Do Patona batteries work any differently than the original battery?

No, the battery works completely the same as the original. It charges on the original charger and displays the energy level on the camera.  original charger and it will show charge status on your camera.

Compatible model number:

 Canon Powershot A2200  A3000 IS A3000IS


Technical specification of battery NB-8L:

Voltage: 3,6V
Capacity: 740mAh

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