Polaroid 600 and I-Type

Polaroidni film for cameras that uses film type Polaroid / Impossible 600 and/or I-Type

Because i-Type cameras have their own rechargeable batteries, we don't have to put one in the film, meaning you save money on every single pack. 
I-Type film is not suitale for retro cameras.

Retro Instant cameras, that use Polaroid 600:
Polaroid 600
Polaroid 636 
Polaroid Amigo 610
Polaroid Impulse
Polaroid JobPro
Polaroid One600 
Polaroid Sun 640
Polaroid Sun 650
Polaroid Sun 660
Polaroid Supercolor 635
Polaroid Supercolor 645
Polaroid Supercolor 670
Polaroid OneStep 600

and other polaroid cameras that has a sticker:
Film: Polaroid 600

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