BG-E9 MeiKe Battery Grip (for Canon 60D)

BG-E9 MeiKe Battery Grip (for Canon 60D)

Battery grip  HLD-5 Delta (za Pentax E600, E620)

Battery grip HLD-5 Delta (za Pentax E600, E620)

BG-E9 MeiKe Battery Grip (for Canon 60D)

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Baterijsko držalo Canon BG-E9 MeiKe, je primerno za Canon EOS 60D. Baterijsko držalo omogoča boljši oprijem fotoaparata in 2x daljši čas fotografiranja, ter nam daje občutek fotografiranja v navpičnem položaju, prav tako enostaven, kot v horizontalnem pol

Meike BG-E9 is a high quality battery grip for Canon EOS 60D. It is a perfect substitute for Canon's BG-E9.

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It features all functions of the original BG-E9, it can be powered by one or two LP-E6 batteries and this can prolongue camera's battery life up to two times. The two batteries can be made by different manufacturers or have different power levels. The camera will first use up one battery and then the other. In a set you will also receive a special adapter which enables you to use the battery grip with 6 AA (mignon) type batteries.

The battery pack features a two-step shutter release button for shooting in portrait orientation. Press it halfway to adjust the focus and then press it further to release the shutter - just like you are used to do on your camera.

It is also equipped with a scroll wheel for adjusting the shutter speed and aperture values, AF/EF lock button and button for choosing focusing point.

The grip is covered with a special rubber material which provides comfortable and firm grip. The bottom part is equipped with a mounting thread for a tripod or hand strap.

The battery pack allows for a firmer camera grip and increases both the comfort of vertical shooting and the number of photos that can be taken with one battery set.



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