Genesis Base LPH-25 low profile ballhead


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Genesis Base LPH-25 low profile ballhead

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Genesis Base LPH-25 low profile ballhead

Genesis Base Low Profile Head LPH-25 is one of the smallest and lightest in its class. It has been designed for the most demanding travel photographers who need a product that combine functionality with reliability in every possible situation, no matter what the weather conditions are. The unique design, a durable, super light weight aluminium-magnesium alloy construction, ergonomically shaped knobs which allow unlocking and locking the ball with ease are the key factors that make the LPH-25 a top-notch gear for professionals on the road. The head features a panoramic base with a scale to ensure seamless panning experience, and the remarkably shaped quick-release plate that provides great stability for the camera and is compatible with Arca-Swiss system clamps. The LPH-25 has a standard 3/8” female thread to fix it on a tripod, and it is under a 6-year warranty. Genesis Base LPH-25 is especially recommended for mirrorless cameras.

technical specs
ballhead size: 25mm
height: 67mm
base diameter: 36mm
load: 6kg
ballhead weight: 172g

More Information
Manufacturer Genesis Gear
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