Godox AD600Pro studio flash

Godox AD600Pro studio flash

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Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

Godox AD600B TTL studio flash

Godox AD600B TTL studio flash

Godox AD600Pro studio flash

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Godox AD600Pro studio flash

Godox AD600Pro studio flash known also as Quadralite Atlas 600 Pro TTL studio flash. This exceptionally versatile and efficient monolight is able to deliver lightning-fast recycle times and stable output throughout its entire range. Equipped with an accurate and reliable TTL mode, this unit can be successfully used when lighting conditions are changing rapidly. Built-in Navigator X system receiver allows full wireless control and triggering up to 100m. High Speed Sync is also available (up to 1/8000s).

Godox AD600Pro studio flash stands out for its high color consistency throughout the entire power output range. When high color accuracy is needed, the user can activate a specially designed Color Priority Mode. Then, no matter what power output is set, the flash can be triggered with the highest possible accuracy. White balance fluctuations in this mode will not exceed +/-75K. In standard mode white balance is rated as 5600 +/-200K.

This flash is able to emit long bursts of precisely controlled light in both Color Mode and High-Speed Sync. When set at maximum power, Atlas 600 Pro TTL is ready to be triggered again just after 0.9s!

Atlas Pro can also be used to freeze motion of fast moving objects. It allows to capture liquid splashes, running kids or martial arts masters training high kicks. The flash duration can go down to 1/10100s (at 1/256, t0.1) which is more than you need in most cases.

New flashtube design provides the best light quality and allows to use full potential of every light modifier. The tube is protected by a glass dome, equipped with a frosted front surface for even light distribution. Moreover, the flasthube can be changed easily and no additional tools are required to do so.

Godox AD600Pro studio flash is equipped with highly efficient and powerful modeling light utilizing LED light source. This 38W chip is an equivalent of approx 500W halogen bulb without it’s drawbacks such as high operating temperature or warm colors. Atlas Pro TTL modeling light is balanced to fit daylight (~5500K) and delivers continuous light with the highest possible quality (CRI >95, TLCI>93).

Godox AD600Pro is powered by a high capacity Li-ion battery unit. This 2.6Ah powerpack is sufficient enough to deliver up to 370 full power flashes. One battery is supplied in the kit and can be easily changed when depleted. The unit can be fully charged in less than 3h thanks to a dedicated charger (included in the kit).

Godox AD600Pro is equipped with a newly designed 5” silver reflector which is compact and delivers wide and even light coverage. However, the reflector can be changed to one from a wide selection of light modifiers supplied by Godox, Quadralite or other manufacturers. You can shape the light according to your needs thanks to a wide assortment of softboxes, reflectors, beauty-dishes, snoots, umbrellas etc. The flash can be also used with additional accessories such as Atlas Pro FH600 flash head and Atlas Pro AC Adapter (those products are not included).

The lamp's housing is made of high quality plastic. Large, back-lit LCD screen is easy to read even under strong ambient light. Light modifier bayonet and tripod mount are made of metal to ensure durability. Tripod mount clamp allows smooth and precise tilt adjustments and is strong enough to withstand heavy loads. This flash can be used even with Quadralite Parabolic Octa 150cm softbox.

Atlas Pro cannot be used with dedicated Atlas accessories. Separate Atlas Pro accessories are required.


Main features:

  • compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Olympus/Fujifilm cameras (through matching Godox X / Navigator X transmitter)
  • integrated Godox X receiver for full wireless flash control (through matching Navigator X transmitter)
  • maximum flash output of 600Ws
  • GN of 87m (ISO100) with Standard 5" Reflector attached
  • TTL (automatic), Manual and Multi flash modes available for ease of use and full control
  • flexible and precise flash energy adjustment within 9 f-stops from 1/1 to 1/256 in 25 steps
  • colour temperature consistency through the entire output range (5600K±75K) in Stable Color Mode
  • lightning fast recycling times of 0.01-0.9s
  • powered by exchangeable 28.8V/2.6Ah lithium-ion PowerPack
  • up to 370 full-power flashes on one charge cycle
  • high-Speed Sync up to 1/8000s for easy on-location shooting (with Navigator X transmitter)
  • extremely short flash duration of 1/10100s (t0.1, @1/256)
  • 38W LED modeling light can be used in proportional or manual mode
  • equipped with optical slave and standard sync socket (Jack 3.5mm)
  • an option to work with additional Atlas Pro flash head (sold separately)
  • active cooling (integrated fan)
  • easy to read hi-contrast LCD screen filled with all major settings
  • supplied with slick and compact reflector
  • compatible with the Bowens type mount light modifiers
  • light and compact hi-quality plastic housing
  • solid all-metal smooth action tripod mount for high durability


In the box:

  • Godox AD600Pro
  • Godox AD600Pro reflector
  • reflector cover
  • flash tube
  • Godox AD600Pro Powerpack
  • charger
  • original packaging
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