Lomography Berlin Kino ISO 400 - 120 B&W film

Lomography Berlin Kino ISO 400 - 120 B&W film

Kodak TMAX ISO 100 - 120 črno-beli film

Kodak TMAX ISO 100 - 120 črno-beli film


Lomography Potsdam Kino ISO 100 - 120 črno-beli film

Lomography Berlin Kino ISO 400 - 120 B&W film

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Lomography LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400 - 120 film

A Refined Formula for True Film Lovers
Inspired by the New German Cinema sweeping through Berlin in the 1960s, our original Berlin Kino Film emulsion was an utter blockbuster. However, as German cinema evolved through time, adapting to meet the innovatory spirit of its founding fathers, so did our film formula. Refined and brimming with greater artistic control, the Berlin Kino B&W 400 2019 Formula will allow you to capture moments of your life in an eternalized enchanting monochrome.

A Film to Expand the Possibilities of Monochrome
Unique in its high dynamic range and ability to produce distinct yet equally stunning results with different filters and development processes, this panchromatic emulsion is a blank canvas for your creativity. The native sensitivity of this film is ISO 400 (27°C). However, due to its impressive latitude, you can push the ISO up to 800, 1600 or 3200 while retaining an impressive tonal range and detail. Capture the gritty beauty of the streets in motion, or sweep into the studio for effortlessly elegant editorial images filled with soft focus and subtle contrast.

Developing Your Creations
This emulsion can be developed both in the lab or at home with the standard black and white process. For home development please consult our development chart below. The standard storage temperature of this film is 20°C, but for long term storage we recommend keeping this film below 10°C. Exposing the film to temperatures above 20°C for long periods of time impacts its performance.

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Technical specs:

Film type: black&white

Manufacture: Lomography

Process: B&W

Senitivity (ISO): 400

No. of shots: 12 (6x6)

In the package: 1 film

Storing: around 20°C, suggested under 10°C

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Manufacturer Lomography
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