Battery for laptop HP Compaq DV1000 M2000 M2400 C300 67759-00

Battery for laptop HP Compaq DV1000 M2000 M2400 C300 67759-00

Battery Lenovo IdeaPad G400s G500s Touch S510 Z501 S600 Z710

Battery Lenovo IdeaPad G400s G500s Touch S510 Z501 S600 Z710

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Battery Asus A32-M50 A33-M50 A32-N61 A32-X64 for za laptop

Battery for laptop HP Compaq DV1000 M2000 M2400 C300 67759-00

€38.00 €31.15
Baterija za prenosnik HP Compaq DV1000 M2000 M2400 C300 67759-001 - Patona

Battery for laptop HP Compaq DV1000 M2000 M2400 C300 67759-00 - Patona

Why should I buy Patona laptop battery?

All Paton batteries for laptops are designed and developed in Germany, in accordance with the highest standards of quality. The company Patona ensures good quality for great price.ty at great price.

Does Patona battery works any differently than the original battery?

All Patona battery works exactly the same as the original batteries. It can be charged with original charger.

Technical information:

Voltage: 11.1 Volt

Capacity: 4400mAh

Type: Li-Ion


Compatible model number:

Hewlett-Packard HP; HP COMPAQ


Business Notebook nx4800
Business Notebook nx7100
Business Notebook nx7200
Business Notebook b1000
Special Edition L2000

Presario M2000 Series

M2000-PQ660AV, M2000-PK550AV, M2000-PK551AV

Presario  M2000Z Series

M2000Z-PV855AV,  M2001AP(PS929PA), M2003AP(PS943PA),  M2001AL-EA130PC,
M2001EA-PS744EA,  M2001-PT591AS, M2002AL-EA131PC,  M2002AP-PS942PA,
M2003AP(PV256PA),  M2003AL-EA716PC,M2004AP-PT358PA,  M2005AP-PT359PA,
M2005US-PX394UA,  M2005US-PX394UAR, M2006AP-PT360PA,  M2007AP-PT361PA,
M2008AP-PT364PA,  M2009AP-PT365PA, M2010CA,  M2010EA, M2013AP(PT373PA),  M2010AP-PT370PA,  M2010CA-PX395UA,  M2010EA-PS745EA, M2010US-PX392UA,  M2010US-PX392UAR, M2011AP-PT371PA,  M2011EA-PS754EA, M2012AP-PT372PA, M2014AP-PT374PA, M2015AP-PT375PA,  M2015LA-PU952LA, M2016AP-PT376PA,  M2017AP-PT377PA, M2018AP-PT378PA,  M2019EA-PS753EA, M2019AP(PT379PA),  M2020AP-PT380PA,  M2020EA-PS741EA,  M2021AP-PT381PA, M2022AP-PT382PA,  M2023AP, M2023AP-PT534PA,  M2024AP, M2024AP-PT535PA,  M2025AP-PT536PA,  M2026AP-PT537PA,  M2027AP-PT538PA,  M2028AP-PT891PA,  M2029AP-PT893PA, M2030AP-PT895PA,  M2030EA-PS746EA,  M2031AP(PV247PA),  M2031EA-PS755EA,  M2032AP-PV248PA,  M2033AP, M2034AP-PV259PA,  M2034EA-PS752EA,
M2035AP-PV260PA,  M2035EA-PS749EA,  M2036AP-PV262PA,  M2037AP-PV266PA,  M2038AP-PV267PA,  M2039AP-PV274PA,  M2040AP-PV276PA,  M2041AP-PV277PA,  M2042AP-PV280PA,  M2043AP(PV288PA), M2044AP-PV292PA,  M2045AP(PV297PA), M2245EA,  M2046AP-PV322PA, M2046EA-PS742EA,  M2047AP-PV323PA,
M2048AP-PY834PA,  M2049AP-PY835PA,M2050AP-PY836PA,  M2050EA-PS739EA, M2051AP-PY837PA,  M2052AP-PY860PA, M2052EA,  M2052EA-PS750EA,
M2053AP-PY861PA,  M2054AP-PY862PA, M2054EA-PS748EA,  M2055AP-PY877PA, M2055EA-PS751EA, M2065EA-PS747EA, M2070EA-PS740EA,  M2070US-PX397UA, M2070US-PX397UAR,  M2071EA-PS743EA,M2075EA-PS756EA,  M2099-PX408AS,

Presario M2200 Series

M2200 CTO ,  M2201AP, M2201EA,  M2201TU, M2202AP,  M2202EA, M2202TU,  M2203AP, M2203AU,  M2204AP, M2204TU,  M2205AP, M2205EA,  M2205TU, M2206AP,  M2206TU, M2207AP,  M2207EA, M2207TU,  M2208AP, M2208EA M2208TU, M2209AP,  M2210AP, M2210EA,  M2211AP, M2212AP,  M2213AP, M2214AP, M2214LA, M2215AP,  M2215EA, M2215LA,  M2216AP, M2217AP,  M2217LA,  M2218AP,  M2219AP, M2220AP,  M2221AP, M2222AP,  M2223AP, M2224AP,  M2225AP, M2226AP,  M2227AP,  M2228AP,  M2229AP,  M2230AP,  M2230EA, M2231AP,  M2232AP, M2233AP,  M2234AP, M2235AP,  M2236AP, M2237AP,  M2238AP,  M2239AP,  M2239AU, M2240AP,  M2240AU, M2241AP,  M2241AU,  M2241EA,  M2242AP, M2242AU,  M2243AP, M2243AU,  M2244AP, M2244AU,  M2245AP, M2245AU,  M2246AP, M2246AU,  M2246EA, M2247AP,  M2247AU, M2248AP,  M2248AU, M2248EA,  M2249AP, M2249AU,  M2250AP, M2250AU,  M2251AP, M2251AU,  M2252AP, M2252AU,  M2253AP, M2253AU,  M2254AP,  M2254AU,  M2255AP, M2255AU,  M2255EA, M2256AU,  M2256TU, M2257AU,  M2257TU, M2258AU,  M2258TU,  M2259AU,  M2259TU,  M2260AU,  M2260TU, M2261AU,  M2261TU, M2262AU,  M2262TU, M2263AU,  M2263TU, M2264AU,  M2264TU, M2265AU,  M2265TU, M2266TU,  M2267TU, M2268TU,  M2269TU, M2270TU,  M2271TU, M2272TU,  M2273TU, M2274TU,  M2275TU, M2276TU,  M2277TU, M2299XX

Presario M2400 Series

M2401EA, M2401XT, M2405LA, M2406EA, M2411EA,  M2412EA, M2425LA

Presario V2000 Series

V2000Z,  V2002EAP, V2004AP(PF359PA),  V2009EA, V2010AP(PH475PA),  V2010US,
V2028EAP,  V2030US,  V2102AP, V2102AP(PS923PA),  V2110CA, V2133AP(PV249PA),  V2134AP(PV250PA), V2135AP(PV255PA),  V2140CA, V2157AP,  V2210CA

Presario V2600 Series

Presario V4300 Series

V4305EA, V4308EA, V4332EA, V4335EA

Presario V4400 Series


Pavilion DV1000 Series

DV1000t, DV1004AP(PF354PA), DV1005AP(PF355PA), DV1007AP, DV1008AP,   DV1010CA, DV1011AP, DV1012AP(PD111PA), DV1030AP(PN910PA), DV1040CA,  DV1101AP(PS925PA), DV1102AP(PS926PA), DV1122AP(PV253PA), DV1128AP(PV295PA), DV1135AP, DV1240CA

Pavilion DV1600 Series

Pavilion DV1700 Series


Pavilion ZE2000Z Series

ZE2010AP, ZE2011AP, ZE2018AP, ZE2020CA

Pavilion ZE2200 Series


Pavilion ZT4000 Series

Pavilion ZE2000T Series

Pavilion ZE2000 Series

Compatible part numbers:

367759-001, 367760-001, 383493-001, 391883-001, 396601-001, 398065-001, 398832-001, EG415AA

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