Quadralite Stroboss 36evo MFT - for Micro 4/3

Quadralite Stroboss 36evo MFT - for Micro 4/3

Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic - univerzalna bliskavica cena

Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic - universal speedlight

Godox V1 Round Head speedlight - for MFT

Godox V1 Round Head speedlight - for MFT

Quadralite Stroboss 36evo MFT - for Micro 4/3

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Quadralite Stroboss 36evo MFT - for Micro 4/3

Stroboss 36evo is a compact speedlite with immense set of qualities. Despite its inconspicuous size, this strobe offers features of bigger and „more professional” flashes. Stroboss 36evo weighs a mere 290g, and is only 95mm high when mounted on a camera.

Thanks to especially designed 2000mAh Li-ion battery, Stroboss 36evo charges very fast. After 1,7s the strobe is ready to work - even on full power. Fully charged battery lasts up to 500 full power flashes, and the charger needs only 2,5h to recharge it again.

Quadralite Stroboss 36evo is equipped with Navigator X transmitter thus it can be used as a controller (Master) for other Quadralite flashes, including: Move X, Pulse X, Pulse Pro X, Atlas 600 and 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, Reporter 200 TTL, Stroboss 60, as well as another Stroboss 36. You can also switch the device into Slave mode, where you can remotely control it through the Navigator X transmitter and Stroboss 60 and 36 flashes.

Stroboss 36evo is compatible with TTL system and allows shooting with automatic flash exposure metering and using all automatic and semi-automatic modes offered by cameras. All this make the flash user-friendly and easy to use even for the beginners.

Stroboss 36evo can be used in High-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000s). Integrated zoom feature can be operated within 24 – 105mm range in manual or automatic mode. Flash head can be rotated within 270° in the horizontal plane and 97° in the vertical plane, which allows for bouncing the light in an easy and convenient way.


Main features:

  • Small and light flash suited for DSLR’s and mirrorless system cameras,
  • Power supplied through Li-ion battery 7.2V/2000mAh (up to 500 full power flashes on one charge),
  • Compatible with automatic TTL 1 metering,
  • Fully controlled flash output in manual mode (adjustment from 1/128 power to 1/1 full power in 1/3 EV stop increments)
  • Built-in Quadralite Navigator X transceiver for full wireless control (flash can be used both in Master or Slave mode)
  • Stroboscopic flash (Multi) mode and High-Speed Sync (HSS) up to 1/8000s
  • Equipped with optical slave cell
  • Guide number of 36m and stable color temperature 5600K ± 200K
  • Adjustable flash head (0° to 270° horizontally; -7° to 90° vertically)
  • 24-105 mm zoom, built-in white bounce panel and wide-angle diffuser for better light coverage
  • Firmware update through USB


In the box:

  • Stroboss 36evo
  • carrying bag
  • battery
  • charger
  • flash stand
  • diffuser
  • original packaging


Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years
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Manufacturer Quadralite
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