Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic - univerzalna bliskavica cena

Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic - universal speedlight

Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic - universal speedlight

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Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic - universal speedlight

Stroboss 60  Basic fully cooperates with other devices of the Quadralite Navigator X radio system and is characterized by a built-in transmitter and receiver, thanks to which it can work both as a MASTER and SLAVE lamp. Stroboss 60 fully cooperates with the remote trigger and the Quadralite Navigator X controller. Thanks to its use, it is possible to use all the key functions of the lamp, such as: HSS mode, remote control of flash output and change of operating mode. Stroboss 60 Basic can easily be used with other speedlite lamps, small external lamps or even large studio lamps during photo shoots - both in the studio and outdoors.

The lamp provides High Speed Sync (HSS) up to 1 / 8000s. The HSS mode only works when controlled by a Navigator X trigger! This feature is very useful if you want to use a small depth of field on the outside and simultaneously illuminate the subject with the flash.

Stroboss 60 Basic is equipped with a fully adjustable, movable flash head and ZOOM 20-200 mm. There is also a 14 mm diffusing panel that increases the range and the ability to reflect light.

Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic is a model designed to work with cameras of all brands that are equipped with a standard ISO foot.


The most important product features:
- Universal lamp manually controlled for each camera with an ISO foot
- Built-in Quadralite Navigator X radio system,
- Equipped with a socket for the receiver of the Quadralite Navigator remote control and triggering system
- Triggering with the use of a built-in photocell or via a 3.5 mm jack connector
- High flash output (GN 60) and stable color temperature (5600 ± 200 K)
- Full control over the flash output (from 1/1 to 1,128 power in steps of 1/3 EV)
- Movable head (from 0 ° to 360 ° horizontally, from -7 ° to 90 ° vertically)
- Powered with 4 AA batteries
- Wide range of burner zoom (24-200 mm) and built-in wide-angle panel (up to 14 mm)

The set sold includes:
- Quadralite Stroboss 60 Basic flash
- case
- cold shoe stand

Consumer warranty: 2 years

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Manufacturer Quadralite
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