Genesis Reporter - Beauty dish - radar 30cm

Genesis Reporter - Beauty dish - radar 30cm


Quadralite Reporter - prosojni dežnik 100cm

Genesis Reporter - Beauty dish - radar 30cm

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Beauty dish is one of the most popular and most versatile light modifiers used in outdoor photography and studio.

The beauty dish has the shape of a parabolic reflector with a diameter of 30 cm. Additional reflector mounted inside the dish dissipates the central beam of light coming from the flash tube which is very important especially in commercial photography.

Specifications od the beauty dish:

Diameter: 305mm,
Depth: 95mm,
Weight: 310g.

Specification of the honeycomb:

Diameter: 295mm,
Thickness: 12mm
Weight: 126g

Set includes:

1 x Beauty Dish

1 x Honeycomb

1 x diffuser transparent

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Manufacturer Genesis Gear
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